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Magnum York

These are turbulent times full of change.

If you know of someone in a condominium where the old property management firm can’t keep up, we’d love to connect with their Condo Board to explore options.

Or if you know of an investor that needs to have their rental unit, house, or apartment building managed, we’ve got great rental management services as well.

Refer & Earn

If your friend ends up becoming a Magnum York client, we’ll pay you a handsome referral fee!

Magnum York Refer a Friend Program

Earn up to $500 for a Referral To Magnum York

Everyone can use a bit more $ in the pocket. We appreciate your referral! If the condominium corporation or investor you refer to us ends up being our client, we’ll give you 30% of the first month property management fee up to $500.

We Talk

“My friend, it's time to start fresh with Magnum York Property Management.”


What are the most important qualities of a professional, licensed Condo Property Management firm?


We’re proud of our team and offer an inclusive, giving workplace. Magnum York’s staff is world-class. We offer ongoing training and everyone is licensed as required. We work with the best trades, vendors & partners in Alberta; This ensures accountability and responsiveness.

At it’s heart, Magnum York is a specialized property-management CPA accounting firm. We have rock-solid processes and accounting systems honed over 30 years of experience.

We have a passion for delivering amazing customer service to both those who are tech-savvy, and those that still want a more personal touch. 

We are passionate about education and helping clients navigate change. By understanding our past and learning about the future and preparing, we can enjoy our present.

With our overnight emergency call center and our MYCustomerCare Service Promise & Management System, residents enjoy 24/7 worry-free condo property management.

Magnum York is proud to be part of Associa, North America’s Largest Community Management Organization. You’re in good hands.