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Being a Condo Board Director Can Be Demanding.

Make it easier. Here's what you'll learn in our 20-page eBook.

What is a Condo Board

A board of directors is a group of people who oversee the activities of the Condominium finances, filings, and building(s). At it's heart, it's a non-profit corporation.

Board Member Story

Why does someone become a "Condo Board Member?" Lots of reasons; from personal growth to community contribution.

Director Excellence

Top Ten Traits of Directors we see in high-performing condominium boards.


Condo Board Directors have more liability and risk than ever before, and with more complex problems and reporting requirements. Discover how Magnum York can help you learn about monthly reporting and your team.

Effective Board Meetings

A great board runs in periodic cycles (monthly for bigger condominiums); with board meetings structured around reviewing last months status, current business, and requirements for work until next month's (or next quarter's) meeting.

Governance & Bill 9

Phasing in over several years, for Condo Board Members, Alberta’s new Bill 9 requires heightened diligence due to higher accountability, transparency and potential personal liability.

Why magnum york?

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It’s Time For Change

These are challenging times with a lot of change. That’s why Magnum York has been adapting by investing in systems, tools & our people to ensure consistency, reliability, and responsiveness in your property management. 

Condo Boards are also experiencing change, with board members retiring or with short terms, and dealing with more complicated governance than ever.

Magnum York serves over 750 properties in 14 cities from our offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Olds, Ft. McMurray, and Medicine Hat. With 13 RECA licensed property managers and supporting staff across Alberta, we’re proud of our reputation of helping Albertan Condominiums for 30 years. 

Consistent. Reliable. Responsive.

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Download Your Magnum York Financial Reference QuickGuide

A Great Companion Reference Guide To Your “How To… ” eBook

Get a better understanding of how to read your Condominium Financial Statements and Auditor’s Reports with our 8-Page QuickGuide for Condo Board Members.

Magnum York QuickGuide Financial Reference for Condo Board Members

As a Condo Board member, use MYWebPortal to keep track of your financials at your fingertips 24/7/365

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Using read-only live data from our Magnum York systems, you can “Go From Guessing to Knowing” with 19 customizable reports in MYWebPortal
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Check out the video for a quick overview on how to log in to MYWebPortal and an example of running a Delinquency Fee Collection Report for your property.

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