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It's Time For Change

Condo Boards have been dealing with a lot of change in the last few years; insurance premiums, Jan 1 2020 phase 3 of new Condo Property Act regulations, timber prices, increased lawsuits and owner litigation, more bylaw infractions / fines / stress from more owners at home due to COVID, new Bill 37 Construction Lien Act and new RECA Condo Brokerage licensing rules (Dec 1, 2021), to name a few.
Your current property management company may no longer be able to keep up.
Find out why Albertan condominiums have been trusting Magnum York for 30 years. 

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Six Reasons Why Condominiums of All Shapes and Sizes are Switching To Magnum York

Solid No-Surprise Accounting

Full accounting services with reconciliations, vendor payments, fee collection, and monthly financial statements ready on the 25th. Advanced financial management including Budgets, Capital Project Planning & Forecasting.

Professional Vendors

Our MYVendor Preferred Vendor Program is a first in the industry! Complete vendor management services & seamless invoicing, including bulk discounts & response for our clients with licensed, bonded, and insured vendors

Experience & Technology

Magnum York is a professional firm managing condominiums, apartments, rentals, multi-family, HOA, rental pools and more. We've built our technology with years of experience to support our team to help you better, as well as to mitigate risk for your condo and Board Members.

Responsive Communication

Whether you phone, use our email form or the MYCustomerWebAccess Owner portal, our team is supported to respond to your queries and issues is a timely and efficient manner. Our MYCustomerCare Owner Service Ticket Management System helps us handle and communicate with a high volume of owner requests.


Keep up to date with a changing and ever more complex property management landscape in Alberta. From the information in your monthly financial package, to our 24/7 online portal, our YouTube videos, webinar series, blog posts, and reference eBooks and . PDFs, Magnum York is dedicated to ongoing education for all our staff as well as our clients.


With 13 RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) licensed property managers and supporting staff across Alberta, we’re proud of our reputation of helping Albertan Condominiums for 30 years.

Why magnum york?

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It’s Time For Change

These are challenging times with a lot of change. That’s why Magnum York has been adapting by investing in systems, tools & our people to ensure consistency, reliability, and responsiveness in your property management. 

Condo Boards are also experiencing change, with board members retiring or with short terms, and dealing with more complicated governance than ever.

Magnum York serves over 750 properties in 14 cities from our offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Olds, and Ft. McMurray. With RECA licensed property managers and supporting staff across Alberta, we’re proud of our reputation of helping Albertan Condominiums for 30 years. 

Consistent. Reliable. Responsive.


Download Your Magnum York Financial Reference QuickGuide

Get a better understanding of how to read your Condominium Financial Statements and Auditor’s Reports with our 8-Page QuickGuide for Condo Board Members.

Magnum York QuickGuide Financial Reference for Condo Board Members